Hot Shot Motor Carrier Delivery Service – MC#263097

Henderson Trucking, LLC offers Hot Shot delivery services with a 40-foot Gooseneck Hot Shot Trailer that has Air Suspension and Monster Ramps. There is an additional 8 foot deck on top of the gooseneck. The weight capacity is 18,000 lbs. This set up is ideal for transporting various types of:

  • Vehicles
  • Freight
  • Oversized loads: 14 ft. high max; 12 ft. wide max

These services are available for intrastate and interstate pickup and delivery.

For Shippers

As a certified Master Broker®, Henderson Trucking, LLC Brokerage Company is available to find the best market rates and all types of trucks for your transportation needs. We verify motor carriers compliance with vehicle safety regulations. Our goal is to protect you and your freight.

For Motor Carriers/ Owner Operators

There is a saying in the trucking profession that is "to be one, ask one." I've been there and have done that (as Owner Operator). I understand the challenges you face everyday dealing with your safety, the safety of the public, moving the shipper's freight, and changes in laws by people who have never driven anything larger than a VW or a bicycle. I know that communication is a vital key to your success and to the safety of moving the shipper's freight. As your Broker or Load Finder (Travel Agent), I will do my best to ensure you are paid in a timely manner and keep the communication between you, the shipper and the consignee open so you can concentrate on minding your business and keeping America on the move.

Load Finder (For Owner Operators)

This service helps owner operators find loads while they are on the road. We have access to multiple load boards. You do the trucking and leave the load finding to us when you can’t look for yourself.


  • Keep your business rolling with minimum deadheads
  • Increase your bottom line



SBA 8(a) Certified